Vaginal hysterectomy

Course objective:
Theoretical presentation (lectures and video presentation) and practical hints in the operating theatre on modern surgical procedures performed via the vaginal route:
  • transvaginal excision of non-prolapsing uterus
  • transvaginal oophorectomy and salpingectomy
  • laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy
  • transvaginal uterine volume reduction techniques
  • application of bipolar forceps for vessel closure

Detailed plan of the course:

One-day course

7:30  Registration
7:45  Initial remarks – course objectives
8:00  Transvaginal hysterectomy – indications, technique, complications (lectures, video presentations)
9:15 - 17:00  Courses in the operating room (4-5 surgical procedures) - assisting

During one of the breaks between surgical procedures, a lecture on:
"Application of electrosurgery in laparoscopic surgery"

  Fee of the course 1000 PLN

The number of course participants is limited to 12 persons.
The course is designed for individuals interested in modern gynaecologic operations performed by the transvaginal route.