Rationale of the courses

Surgical techniques in modern gynaecology are constantly improved. The main goal is the improvement of treatment outcomes and patient’s comfort coupled with reasonable usage of available financial resources. These aims conform to the assumptions of the so-called minimally invasive surgery.
Among other activities, the ETC develops the most modern gynaecologic surgery techniques. A vast majority of operations is performed through vaginal or laparoscopic approach, with minimal percentage of “abdominal surgery” performed. We are proud to confirm that we maintain a similar proportion of transvaginal or laparoscopic procedures to abdominal ones, as in leading centres worldwide.
Achievement of this level requires not only knowledge of the surgical procedures but changing of the decision making process in choosing the optimal surgical access.
Dear Colleagues, if you want, you can change your view on gynaecologic surgery in the same way our trainees already have - you are welcome.

Prof. MD. PhD Andrzej Malinowski.