Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Course objective:
Theoretical presentation (lectures and video presentation) and practical hints in the operating theatre on modern surgical procedures performed in treating pelvic orggan prolapse via the vaginal route:
  • Repair of cystocele with central and lateral defect using prosthetic materials – technique of "hammock" techinque for suspension of the urinary bladder through the upper and Lower parts of the obturator foramens (Double TOT, PROLIFT anterior and other prepared kits for complex repair of pelvic organ prolapse)
  • Suspension of vaginal stump to the sacro-spinal ligament - SSLF
  • Suspension of the uterus using tape conducted through both sacro-spinal ligaments
  • Usage of meshes and prepared kits for complex repairs of for pelvic organ prolapse abnormalities, such as PROLIFT posterior.

Detailed plan of the course:

Day 1 
Lectures and training sessions

8:30  Registration
8:45  Initial remarks – course objectives
9:00  Pelvis anatomy. Prosthetic materials in gynecology - overview, application, rules and practical hints.
10:00  Overview of surgical techniques in correcting cystocele and uterine or vaginal cuff prolapase with central and lateral defect.
10:30 Cystocoele with lateral defect - Double TOT technique, PROLIFT anterior
11:30  Prosthetic materials in urogynaecology – overview, principles of application, practical hints
12:00 Prolapse of the uterus/vaginal cuff – sacro-spinal ligament fixation using broad Miya-Hook device (SSLF) and PROLIFT posterior insertion technique
13:00 Mannequin exercises
14:30 Principles of using electrosurgery in gynaecologic surgery

Day 2
Courses in the operating theatre – assisting during surgery

7:30 - 17:00 5-6 surgical procedures

  1. Uterine prolapse – vaginal hysterectomy and subsequent svaginal or uterine sacro-spinal ligament fixation.
  2. Post hysterectomy vaginal cuff prolapse
  3. Repair of cystocele with lateral defect.

  Fee of the course 1400 PLN

The number of course participants is limited to 10 persons.
The course is designed for individuals interested in performing modern gynaecologic operations by the transvaginal route.